Window Washing, Gutter Cleaning, and Building Maintenance Expertise

Our highly trained staff has multiple years of experience, on the cutting edge of building maintenance technology. Washing Windows, Cleaning Gutters, or just making a property sparkle. When you choose Western Clearview, you not only benefit from our many years of experience, but have the peace of mind knowing we are using state of the art technology to provide the brightest sparkle using the cleanest water, through high tech Reverse-osmosis filtration that is scrubbed to less than 20 ppm! With our inventory of specialized equipment you can save thousands on equipment purchases and maintenance.

Skilled Resources

A skilled maintenance staff, with knowledge of HVAC, building systems, and other highly technical skill sets come at a premium. By relieving the core maintenance staff from windows, gutters, holiday lighting treatments and power washing, your maintenance budget goes much further than expected. Also, by using our service professionals, you can side-step complex insurance requirements and avoid costly legal battles resulting from liability.

Renowned Customer Service

Customer Service has always been at the core of who Western Clearview is and what the company feels is important. Western Clearview is very critical of the staff brought into the Clearview family. When the Western Clearview crew evaluates a job they always envision perfection in the results. The standards of window washing, gutter cleaning, and holiday light installation are set and pushed further everyday by the technicians in the field; while the administrative/office staff continually strives to meet and exceed the property maintenance needs of businesses and homeowners alike. We began this business with the motto “Windows So Clean… you’ll think they’re open!” Still, this has become our mantra every day. With a smile and expectations of perfection, we continue to strive, we continue to grow and meet or exceed the expectations and needs of our clientele, day after day.

Cost Savings

The maintenance budget can consume a large amount of money in any business if you consider the cost of technicians, managers and indirect personnel, and the hidden costs of spare parts, tools and the maintenance of equipment. The savings achievable by utilizing our preventative maintenance schedule go well beyond initial costs, and ensure higher technician productivity, lower procurement prices for materials and services, and the peace of mind knowing the beautification of your property is our top priority.

High Standards for Quality of Work

Our techs walk on to the job with specialized training and an emphasis on safety, efficiency and most importantly, the quality of workmanship that only come from being an industry leader in building maintenance solutions. Perfectionism

Safety Awareness

An increasingly important value driver for maintenance is Safety, Health & Environment. All of our technicians are trained to identify Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), ensuring safety at each job is a priority. By recognizing and preventing dangerous situations, such as, pressure washing slippery walkways, detailed soft wash on the exterior to remove molding we strive to make your property look its finest, without compromise. And in the case the unfortunate does happen, we maintain a $2 million insurance protection policy, as another protection for you, our client.

Environmentally Conscious

As stewards of this world, Western Clearview believes it is responsible for what they leave behind and how it effects the air, water, and soil that supports the properties and lives of this world for ourselves, our kids, their kids and so forth perpetually. At Western Clearview we take pride in leaving no trace by administrating a “green clean” process that goes hand in hand with the ethics the company was founded on. From using naturally based soaps and cleaning solutions on the job, to the products we choose to stock and clean our office with, Western Clearview will always take ownership for the way it affects the world we come in contact with. No chemicals on the windows or spreading into the surrounding environment.

Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Western Clearview has a personalized Preventative Maintenance schedule to fill your properties’ needs for detailed maintenance, at scheduled intervals, releasing you or your maintenance staff to perform the critical tasks you already have to do in your day.

Keep maintenance costs from spiraling out of control by utilizing our three-fold solution to your building maintenance needs.

First, a detailed preventative maintenance schedule is created, ensuring your gutters are free flowing, solar panels are operating at full efficiency & your commercial space looks its best 365 days a year.

Next, with the burden removed from your engineering staff, and the price per service reduced considerably, maximizing future cash flows, your teams can focus on critical building infrastructure and maintenance, utilizing their skills where they are needed most.

Finally, where we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry, is our commitment to quality. With the average Building Maintenance professional making approx. $50k/annually, not including specialized insurance, tools, mechanical equipment, training & certification. Let your staff excel at their job and let us bring a sparkle to your facility. How we solve these issues is three-fold. That is simply the answer to: “Why use Western Clearview?” Because we are the best and we care to keep it that way.