Do you have hard water stains on your bottom floor windows due to years of sprinklers spraying hard water on them? Has your dog managed to scratch that sliding glass door hoping you’ll let him/her in while you and the family eat dinner? Are you holding off on replacing the windows and doors because the costs are too high? Window Restoration is the Answer. Find out how Western Clearview can fix those hard water stains and scratches at a quarter of the cost of replacing the window and leave the glass looking better than new.

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For Businesses

Glass Restoration is the process of restoring the glass in a window or a door to its original quality. Below are some common use cases for Window Restoration in a business.

Hotels or Apartment Complexes

We talk to many hotel maintenance personnel that have sprinkler systems watering their beautiful landscaping and leaving hard water etchings on the bottom windows or doors of the hotel property. The truth is, the longer they wait to fix the “stain”, the harder and more expensive it will be to remove the “stain”. Our Window Restoration process provides a cost-efficient alternative to replacing windows that have been damaged by hard water beating on the window for many years.

Retail Storefront

It is common to find scratch graffiti on storefront windows in every major city. Most companies think they need to replace the window in order to remove the graffiti. Our Glass Restoration process can eliminate that unsightly graffiti and turn the glass of your storefront back into the sparkling window it once was for all of your customers to see into your business.

For Homeowners

We have many homeowners that come to us and ask if we have a product that will help remove the “stains” from their windows. We also have window replacement partners that refer a homeowner to us because their dog has been scratching at the door and they think they need to replace to entire door to remove the scratches. There is a common misconception that “Hard Water Stains” are “Stains” that can be removed using harsh products. The truth is that those “Stains” are actually etchings, like scratches in the glass, and cannot be removed without altering the window surface or replacing the window altogether.

Many homeowners have tried well-marketed products or have been told the only option they have is to replace the glass. This is not always the case. Using a Glass Restoration process, our highly trained and experienced technicians can remove those etchings and help make the window look better than new, without having to spend the money on replacing your windows.