Reliable Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning Services in Livermore and Bay Area, CA

Whether you are a homeowner around Livermore or San Ramon with hard to reach windows, or a facilities manager anywhere in the East Bay for a one to fifteen story building business park, our residential window or commercial window cleaning services team will work closely with you from beginning to end making sure you are completely satisfied with how your property sparkles.

Commercial Window Cleaning on a high rise in the bay area
Kipling at the paragon outlets in Livermore after a commercial cleaning
Western Clearview truck parked outside of a residential home in the Danville, Walnut Creek area after a window cleaning

Window Washing For Commercial Property Owners in the Bay Area

Some businesses in Livermore and Bay Area use existing maintenance personnel to maintain clean windows throughout the commercial property. For instance, a hotel in Bay Area might use housekeeping to clean the inside of the windows and maintenance to climb ladders to reach second and third story windows. This may be all the window washing that is needed at a smaller one-story hotel with easy accessible windows from the outside.

But what if your commercial property in Bay Area or Livermore has four or fifteen stories of windows that aren’t accessible without using a very long ladder or advanced high angle access? What about the risk of the maintenance team climbing that old ladder that’s been lying around to get to the fourth floor windows? What happens if housekeeping cannot finish cleaning all of the rooms because they are busy cleaning the windows? What happens when it’s time to clean the commercial windows and maintenance has higher priorities at that time?
At Western Clearview, we believe that the solution lies somewhere in between using your maintenance team and hiring a professional window cleaning company in Bay Area and Livermore, CA. We have learned through the years how to work in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area with our clients existing maintenance team to utilize them for some of the tasks needed to clean the windows, while using our team to take on the more risky and time consuming tasks. This allows your commercial windows to be cleaned in a time effective and therefore cost savings manner so your teams can focus on their higher priorities and you don’t have to take on the risk of safety and pay high costs for complete professional quality commercial service in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area. In fact, we have even trained some of our Bay Area clients to clean their commercial windows using the same effective techniques that most commercial window cleaning companies use. And with our preventative maintenance, you can trust that we will also take care of the scheduling and planning of cleaning your commercial property when those windows need it.

Window Washing For Homeowners in Livermore, CA and Bay Area

With time and weather, windows become dirty. When windows become dirty, it’s hard to enjoy the reason they are there: to let in the light and the view of an inspiring world outside. And the last thing any homeowner in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area wants to do with their free time these days is get on a ladder to wash all of those windows inside and out.

At Western Clearview, we realize that the needs of each customer in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area differ based on: how long it has been since your window has been washed, if the dirt is only on the window or in the tracks, budget available, size of the home, or type of home. For this reason, we have created multiple types of service based on the requests made over the last several years. This allows all our clients in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area to receive a lower cost on the total package over if you were to price each service out individually. The Basic Package is ideal for customers that get their windows cleaned on a regular basis and includes the following; cleaning your windows inside and out, cleaning your screens, wiping the inside frames and tracks clean of dust and dirt, and $2 million insurance protection. See below for a more detailed description of the process of cleaning under the Basic Package.

We offer the Deluxe Package for customers in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area that need a little more than the glass cleaned. If you’ve had your windows cleaned by another professional company or never at all, this might be something worth looking into. This package includes all of the benefits of the Basic Package plus a detailed cleaning of the tracks and sills using hand tools and vacuums, along with a 5-day rain guarantee.
Our final package we offer is the Premium Package, which includes all of the benefits of the Deluxe Package plus a few more add-ons. This package is for the client in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area that wants a little more assurance that their money will not go to waste. It includes a 10 day rain guarantee along with a home soft wash with detailed direct pressure. All packages include the window washing service described in more detail below.

What to Expect with our Basic Window Washing Service in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area?

Our service in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area starts out by removing and organizing all screens. Our team of professional cleaners will hand wash both sides of your screens with a soft brush using biodegradable soap. We put the window screens aside to dry while we start to clean the outside of the windows using a soft strip washer and biodegradable non-toxic solution. This window solution we use will literally make your windows in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area sparkle. We then use a wide scraper to remove sap, bug marks, paint overspray, etc.

After thoroughly wetting the window and frame again with a strip washer and solution, we squeegee off the water and then towel dry around the pane where water collects. Finally, we take out a fine piece of steel wool for a nice touch-up of anything that we might have missed during the cleaning. After all the outside windows are done, we’ll move inside and repeat the process. When we’re inside, we will also wipe down the tracks and frame.
Attention to details and perfectionism is what we take pride of. Our team of trained and expert technicians in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area will make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned from inside and out.

Did you know that cleaning windows with most soap-based products only attracts dust and debris floating through the air?

Have you ever washed your windows with Windex and immediately noticed the white particles from the paper towels have managed to attract back to the windows? The products we use on your windows are eco-friendly and will not attract particles flying through the air and will keep your windows cleaner longer. The experienced team, for window a cleaning process you can count on; count on Western Clearview.

Pure Water System

In addition to the quality of workmanship we provide to our Livermore, CA and the Bay Area clients, we also take pride the water system we use in every home and commercial window washing project we do in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area. With the use of the Pure Water System, we are able to provide incredible spot free windows without the use of harsh chemicals. This gives our clients in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area the confident and assurance that their pets and the rich environment they enjoy will remain unharmed and safe.

Moreover, Pure Water System will keep window cleaner longer and prevent build up and residue on the surface. The system will also clean all of your screens and windows from the outside, therefore reducing the amount of time it takes to clean your home and commercial property in Livermore, CA and the Bay Area.

Benefits of using the Pure Water System

  • Higher Productivity– Using the poles in our system, this technique is up to 10 times more efficient and keeps glass clean longer than using traditional cleaning methods such as ladders and rappelling.
  • Increased Safety – Allows us to clean safely and effectively from the ground
  • Effective – Cleans entire window, frame and other non-porous surfaces (No dirty ledges)
  • Environmentally Friendly – Does not use harsh chemicals and only uses clean purified water
  • Windows Stay Cleaner Longer – No chemical residue to attract and hold dirt