How It All Started: Window Cleaning and so much more . . .

Western Clearview, Inc. began as a small private company washing windows in the Bay Area to get the owner through college. Over time it gained a faithful following and became too much for the owner to do alone while he was working on his degree, so he hired some help to allow him to get to all the requested work without letting his education be negatively affected because he knew this little company was the best window washer in the Bay Area. As time went by, word of the quality work continued to grow along with the company. In 2012, Western Clearview incorporated in the thought including the entire staff who gave so much to help grow the amazing little window washing company into so much more.

Western Clearview Culture

We started out Expecting perfection as Livermore window washers. We then received requests from Dublin and Pleasanton. Before long Western Clearview was reaching into the Danville, San Ramon, and Alamo areas too. Soon we felt comfortable accepting jobs window cleaning throughout the East Bay and then the San Francisco Peninsula, South Bay and North Bay found a way on our routes as well. Our employees have been bred to expect perfection from their work. They all love what they do, and it shows. The entire staff; from the Field Technicians, Customer Service Specialists, Management Team, and the CEO, are all employees who retain ownership with a vested interest to account for their actions. Everyone of us is affected by the quality of work we perform each day and the quality of work performed by our fellow employees. With regular mandatory training classes in safety, technique, and customer service, everyone will continue to drive to advance the quality of work and our knowledge of the trade.

What It Has Become

Hundreds of homeowners now use Western Clearview on a regularly scheduled basis for all of our services. Many have come to know and request their favorite technicians because they know they are dependable, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable in their field. Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Business Parks, Storefronts, Hospitals and many other types of businesses where having a clean environment on a regular basis for customers or employees is crucial to the business, have come to trust Western Clearview as well. For beautiful private residences and historical buildings to state of the art skyscrapers, you know you can count on us for the quality of work that others have come to expect.

Western Clearview team picture